Wednesday, 12 July 2017

4th of July!!!

First off, HELLO!
I had so much fun this 4th of July weekend. I took a beautiful trail ride with Samme, enjoyed the fireworks, and spent time with family and friends!

On Sunday I took a trail ride with Samme, and took a bunch of pictures that I might use for 4-H; and I'm going to share them with you!!! 
Mulberry Trees

The River :)
It was a great ride. Only bad thing was she has never been in running water.... so when she FINALLY, finally went in she pretty much JUMPED across.... it was actually kind of funny!

On Monday we went to our town's firework show. I got to spend a bunch of time with my friends; and my family! Here is a small clip of the fireworks.
                               In case the video doesn't work:

The firework show was GREAT!!! I really enjoyed it. Emmett slept through the entire thing!!! It was cute! Emmett now says "mama" and "dada." And my nickname is "baba;" but it is totally not because it is a sound he makes often.

Sorry there is not much writing.... but I hope you enjoyed reading! Have an amazing day!

Monday, 26 June 2017

June Wrap-Up!

HI! Sorry I didn't really post this month. I didn't know what to post, so I figured a wrap-up would be cool! If you want me to do this every month let me know. 

Any way lets start at the beginning of the month. I had my first ballet recital; and I don't think I did half-bad! Here is a picture of us posing... I had no idea how to stand so... yeah!

I had a mini photo shoot with Emmett in my front yard! To be honest this is one of MANY photo shoots through out this month; we have LOTS of photo shoots...
The sun was in his eyes :(

My favorite!!!!
I had a REALLY fun sleepover with my friend Micayla this month too!!

Something happened this month... I kinda... sprained my finger! It's better now, it only hurts if I jar it... which happens a lot! But, on the happy side... the lease is 100% signed and sealed for Samme :) I also work at the barn where I lease her! It's really fun working with all the animals!!

We went camping for the first time this year!!!! We had pudgy pies, hot dogs, and s'mores. The camping trip was at our farm and included our family and Micayla, her sister Megan, and their mom :) Some of our other friends came for supper over the fire! Us kids went down to our creek and waded in the water! And we play with the kittens... and we played VOLLEYBALL!!! We even had a mini fireworks show! It was really fun!

Now we are up to today! I got up and had a delish breakfast.... with amazing photography.. right?

Yes, my sister and I had hot chocolate in the middle of summer... but it's SO cold right now! Well, honestly.... I would have had it if it was 90 degrees anyway! :P It's only been like 60 degrees! We've just been having this major cold front!!!!! It should be warmer by the end of this week hopefully!

My life still consists of Science and English, as I'm a little behind... but it's okay cause I would have done something over the summer any way so I don't feel DUMB at the beginning of my FRESHMEN year!! YES!!! I can't believe I'm already going into high-school! It's crazy (right?!?) 
 Well, that was my month.... I think I remembered everything! Thanks for reading! Have a  great and blessed day ;)