Tuesday, May 1, 2018

a civil war ballgown complete.

I did it... It's finished! I made my ballgown!! I took it to our county's 4-H clothing revue and took first and I might be taking it to state! It only took me since last summer to finish but considering I got it complete by my deadline I'm fine with that! So obviously here are the awkward pictures! These were taken at the revue if you're interested in knowing.
I look so... thrilled
Side view

Back view. Can I just say, I've fallen in LOVE with how I did my hair! Want a tutorial???
Let me tell you... my machine has quite the temperament, it loves to EAT sheer fabric. I may have began yelling at it on multiple one *cheeky grin* occasion in a Russian accent. Tip I learned after the fact: place tissue paper on the top of it and rip it out after you stitch! 

Here are my tips for ironing a civil war ballgown:  When ironing DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT lay the HOT iron on top of your hand!!! It hurts... no burns, just redness. Just always pay attention.  When ironing sheer don't accidentally turn up the temperature and burn a HOLE in your shoulder drape. Use a thin towel on top or simply don't turn up the temperature.  And lastly, always steal your mother to help; Thanks for the help mom!!

The most tedious part was probably the waist because I got to do my favorite part... pull one TINY thread that breaks like a hundred times through an entire dress, evenly! I broke the thread at least 4 times and had to "improvise". But it is the part that makes the dress feel like it's really coming together.

Misty, the homely self taught sewer realized one fatal flaw in her scheme to make this ballgown... She's only ever put in one single zipper in her life. Four years ago. So youtube and the seam ripper became her best friends! Three tries later she said good enough, and let me say this, I HATE the zipper foot . *dramatic pound of the key*

Thanks for reading my post (rather, my rant of my sewing excursions)! Have any of y'all joined this bandwagon of dress making? Tell me about it in a comment! Have an awesome day

                      Your's Truly,

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

another year and a record snow storm.

   I am officially fifteen...  yep... another thing to remember when I fill out forms *sheepish grin*  Anyway, the point of this post is to share what I did for my birthday! So, if you live in Wisconsin, you know we had a blizzard this last weekend. Yes, I know it's basically the middle of April, but I'm not sure if God got the memo. haha, just kidding. Seriously though, we got 33ish inches of snow, in three days... with some of the snow drifts at 4 or 5 feet. Enough said, I'm getting cold.

   So I had a joined birthday party with the lovely Emma *check out her blog- Aspiring to Be* and it turned out sooo great. Of course a bunch of people were not able to make it due to the weather but it was still really fun! Unfortunately... I don't think either of us took ANY pictures! So that means you'll just have to simply imagine it! Emma made some delicious looking pizza garland and she did an awesome job on it! We put it by the pizza bar; Emma's mom made homemade pizza crust and we made a bunch of delicious pizzas. My mom, Sara, and I made ice cream garland for the ice cream table! We had LOADS of toppings to go with our ice cream!! We played some games, and I learned how to play Mafia; lets just say I was a little confused but I think I understand how to play now, and it was pretty funny. 

   Sarah (not my sister) was the doughnut man and she was delivering doughnuts and got stabbed and a doctor saw and ran to her. Sara (my sister) saw while riding her bike and ran into a car so the doctor veered to Sara and saved her instead of Sarah. Love it. 

   Finally, we watched the Greatest Showman; and it was AMAZING! That's it, AMAZING! I've been listening to the soundtrack non stop!!!

   On my birthday we didn't do much. We watched some movies, including the Greatest Showman...again, and the Chronicles of Narnia for the first time (that I remember)! We played a couple games and just spent the day together as a family! I'd rather spend the day trapped at home with my family than having a busy day!

   That's what I did for my birthday! I hope you enjoyed this post! When's your birthday?? Have a great day!     Always,